Making the world borderless.


Making the world borderless

Our mission is simple.
Just making the world borderless.

Development and innovation of technology has made the world much smaller.
We can go to the other side of the globe within 24 hours.
We can communicate with friends and family far away in real-time.
We can send out information out in to the world by just one click.
We can spend our lives without consideration to time and place.

But still, we live in a world with borders.
Countries, religion, culture, and ideology.

In order for us to make the world borderless,
we will roll out new services with new values.

Company Name World Street, Inc.
President Syunsuke Ichikawa(CEO)
Hikaru Uchiyama(CTO)
Board of Directors Masashi Taruta(COO)
Date of Incorporation September 2, 2011
Headquarters 452 Kumagawa, Fussa, Tokyo, 197-0003
TEL 03-4405-8099
Business Segments Internet Service
Number of employees 10 (Including group) 2018.May
Group company [Myanmar corporation]
yathar Myanmar Co.,Ltd.

No-17, 5 Foor, Kwat Thit Street, Kyi Taw Ward, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon,Myanmar
+95 0 18610738


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